Home for Abandoned and Disabled Children

Our First Outreach Project! It is clear that the needs of the Vietnamese people the Forgotten People Foundation (FPF) wish to address often pose an overwhelming picture.  Where to begin?  Where to take our first step?

The photographs below were taken in the Huong La – Home for Abandoned and Disabled Children, located in Bac Ninh Province (dark spot on map below-right), northern Vietnam.  These photos are of life in the old home.  Several years ago this home, founded more than 100 years ago, closed its doors because of a lack of financial support and professionally trained staff.

The Sisters on staff have attempted to keep the the Huong La – Home for  Abandoned and Disabled Children open with a $2,000 USA donation given several years ago; this is now depleted.  They currently survive through their own heroic efforts together with a small donation from a Vietnamese Catholic priest presently living in Louisiana.  But there is good news – a new HADC home is under construction!  See photographs of the new HADC building here.

In 2003, the Lady of Our Unity Convent reopened Huong La, assigning eight Sisters who, without the benefit of proper CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) training, are attempting to care for the challenging physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients. Sadly, families and orphanages, unable to care for their child’s special needs, have abandoned these children.  In addition to caring for each child, the nuns work in rice fields as well as raise pigs, cows, and fish to sell at market.

The Forgotten People Foundation has stepped in to “adopt” this Home as our first outreach project.  Presently, two members of FPF, Sister Theresa Linh and Mrs.Thuy Hiep are working with the eight sisters on staff.  Mrs. Thuy Hiep from Houston, TX has graciously contributed her own monies to repair all of the broken doors and windows of the facility.  Once this repair work is complete, The Forgotten People Foundation will:

– install the first electronic heater in one room, with plans to install seven additional heaters for remaining rooms.
– increase the monthly food allowance for the residents from $10/month to $20/month
– provide vocational training for the 8 nuns at the facility;  training will begin in late February, 2006

Executive Director Status Reports:
November 2010 ED Report (PDF)
March 2009 ED Report (PDF)
July 2008 ED Report (PDF)
– In April and October of 2006, Executive Director Tuan Nguyen visited the Home for Abandoned and Disabled Children.  His status report is available here.  

Focus of the Month: Each month (roughly), we focus on a specific need. More details here.

The Forgotten People Foundation has chosen to adopt the the Huong La – Home for Abandoned and Disabled Children as our first humanitarian endeavor.  Please consider opening your hearts to the patients and Sisters who desperately need your prayers and support. 

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.