How the Earthquake in Haiti Affected the Livelihood of Children

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti left millions homeless and destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure. The shock caused by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and left many children without parents. Many feared that the earthquake would cause more death than it did, but it still left many children traumatized. The aftermath of such a devastating event can be difficult to overcome, but aid is making a difference for the country’s children.

Many believed that the magnitude 7.0 earthquake would lead to more deaths than it did. Many had never experienced an earthquake before and panicked after the initial one. Many believed that a second major earthquake was inevitable- and that it would lead to even more death and destruction. In fact, it took days for people to realize that the first major earthquake had ceased to be a threat. Once people realized that, aid began arriving in greater numbers. This helped to alleviate some of the suffering caused by the initial earthquake. But many people were still out of shelter six months after the event when this article was written. Even after years of work, helping the Haitian children recover from this tragedy is difficult work.

While most people were fixated on death following the first major quake, children were hard hit by the aftermath. Many children lost both parents in the disaster, leaving them to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar environment with little food or clothing. Many also feared another major quake would threaten their remaining family members, so they abandoned their homes and walked miles away from the epicenter. Those who stayed often had no food or clean water, and no way to get either. All they could do was wait for help to return their country to normal again.

Fortunately, help did return Haiti to normal again- but not through natural means. Over $2 billion USD in aid has revitalized many key sectors of the country’s economy, including tourism and agriculture. This allows children to feed themselves and pursue their dreams again. The mineral extraction industry also picked up after international companies started operating on Haitian soil again. This allowed more people access to vital economic resources and improved living standards for everyone involved.

The aftermath of such a devastating event can be difficult to overcome- but help has revitalized many key aspects of life in Haiti again thanks to aid! Death was not as widespread as expected as well as many children were not left out in the cold like many had predicted six months ago. While much work remains, support from all over the world has rejuvenated many key sectors of life in Haiti once again- allowing children and adults alike to rebuild their lives!